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Trilingual Languages Daycare

國 粵 英 啟蒙學前班 


What is License Child Care?


It is child care that is provided in the private residence of the caregiver who is affiliated with and monitored by a licensed home child care agency. Licensed caregiver can care for a maximum of 6 children under the age of 13 years old.  A caregiver must count their own children if they are under the age of 6.  The caregiver determines goals for children and expectations for programs around the four foundations of How Does Learning Happen? Ontario Pedagogy for the Early Years


The home child care agency is licensed by The Ministry of Education and operates under the regulaions of Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 (CCEYA).  Qualified Registered Early Childhood Educator representatives monitor the home to ensure all homes meet or exceed child care and early years compliance indicators and regulations.  Caregivers are inspected by the Ministry of Education at least once a year to enure the caregiver's home and the licensed home care agency is up to standards. 




A licensed home child care agency


  • Provides trained home visitors to support and inspect each premises before children are enrolled and at least once every three month
  • Monitors the child care home for quality and safety, and maintains legislative standards required by Child Care and Early Years Act 2014
  • Conducts unannounced inpections  on a quarterly basis
  • Offers ongoing training for caregivers in child development and play based learning 
  • Child care fee subsidy may be available to eligible families 



早期兒童國粵英三語啟蒙教育課程:以幼兒為教學主體,綜合語言,數學, 音樂,律動和文化的多元化國粵英三語教學。








從字母和簡單的漢字開始, 通過唱歌,遊戲, ,故事, 表演等形式,進行中英雙語的語言訓練, 培養幼兒普通話的日常表達能力和英文的早期閱讀能力。






通過幼兒生活中相關的實例,介紹時間, 數字,圖形,大小尺寸等概念, 訓練幼兒分析問題和解決問題的能力,幫助幼兒理解相關的數學概念, 培養訓練數學邏輯能力。


















The Power of Three Languages ( Trilingual )

Studies have proven that children learning an additional language tend to score better on standardized tests because learning languages develops listening, observation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Students will have a broader world view from an early age. By understanding different cultures, values and beliefs, they embrace differences and grow into tolerant, open-minded adults who are flourishing in an increasingly multicultural world.


About Us
The learning experience at The Little White House Learning Centre is unique. Children will experience the benefit from an English/Mandarin/Cantonese education alongside the theories and application of Montessori philosophy. Our enriched academic program develops successful, thriving children with the skills and confidence they need to take on future challenges.



Preschool Program (12 months to 5 years old)

Preschoolers are very capable when given the opportunity. This is the age for children to explore and discover through active play. In a nurturing environment our teachers give children responsive, individualized attention to help them build skills in the following areas:

Feel comfortable at the school environment
Build social skills to interact with others
Know how to care for themselves, such as dress and undress, eat independently, clean up and toilet training
Have well-developed gross motor skills
Develop age-appropriate communication skills in both English and Mandarin
Make individual and appropriate choices about activities that draw their interest
Embrace a love of learning
Instructional Language: 40% Mandarin + 40% Cantonese + 20 % English

• Languages (English & Chinese) – Letters, phonetic, reading, writing
• Mathematics and Logic Skills
• Practical Life – Independence and everyday skills
• Art, Music and Movement


Extented Hours : 7:30am - - 6:00pm

9:00am - 4:00pm 

9:00am - 6:00pm 


The Little White House Learning Centre is providing a FREE trial lesson beginning from now to Dec 31.
Your child will have a chance to try out a class before you enrol in our new semester :)



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