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Please read carefully

1. I hereby give permission for my child to participate in all programs and receive emergency treatment, if necessary.

2. I acknowledge that classes may be cancelled or altered according to the enrolment situation. Fees will be fully refunded.

3. A 30% Administration Fee will be charged for withdrawal from a program. Written notification and the Official Receipt must be received by the office prior to the start of the program. No refunds after A program commences. All requests for cancellation/refund must be made in writing (email, fax or regular mail).

4. I understand that individual and group pictures will be taken anytime during the program and/or special events. I give permission for my son’s/daughter’s picture to be used for promotional materials (newsletter, web-page, PowerPoint, etc.) in highlighting the event.

5. I acknowledge that this child care program is not licensed by the Government of Ontario.

6. I have read and understood this Consent Form and agree to its terms knowingly and voluntarily. I release The Little White House Learning Centre(TLWH), their directors, teachers and staff from any and all liabilities and waive all claims against them.

7. Refunds cannot be granted for occasional sickness/personal circumstances. Students may transfer their credit to other weeks within 3 months. All transfer requests must be made in writing (email, fax or regular mail) and be accepted by TLWH 2 weeks before the Alternate camp session starts.

8. Please contact us before 7 am in case of emergency (e.g. fever). A sick note/ certificate is to be provided by parents. Credit for that day may be transferred to any program within 3 months. Credits cannot be transferred to another family.

9. TLWH reserves the right to make amendments to the above Noted regulation as necessary.


1. 本人准許敝子弟參與貴中心所提供之一切活動,並於緊急情況時接受治療。

2. 本人得悉課程或會因著報名情況而被取消,所有學費將會全數退回。

3. 本人得悉並接受敝子弟因任何原因而需要退學,必須在開課前帶回正式收據辦理退學手續,並需要繳交學費 30% 的手續費,也得在開課後所有費用不能發還。 所有取消/退款請求必須以書面形式(電子郵件,傳真或普通郵件)提出。

4. 本人允許貴中心使用在課程中一切拍攝的相片和影片作一切宣傳之用(如網頁、報章、 傳單等)。

5. 本人得悉貴中心的學前班課程並未申請安省教育牌照。

6. 本人願意豁免小白屋教育中心所有董事局成員、導師和職員於意外上的一切責任。

7.  疾病/個人情況, 學生可以將其補課轉到其他星期,並於三個月內進行補課。所有補課請必須以書面形式提出(電子郵件,傳真或普通郵件),並在課程開始兩週前申請。

8. 緊急事故(如發燒,緊急事假)請於當天早上七點前告知本中心職員,並提供醫生證明。必須三個月內進行補課