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Our After School Program is an ideal way for students to learn Chinese.


Each class focuses on a different theme – everything from the four seasons to family to Chinese holidays – with corresponding songs, arts & crafts and interactive games. We also build their vocabulary by learning how to read and write commonly used characters. Our class emphasizes learning to read and our activities are tailored to reflect this focus. 
Class Time:
Afternoon: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM - $35


The Little White House Learning Centre is providing a FREE trial lesson beginning from now to Dec 31.
Your child will have a chance to try out a class before you enrol in our new semester :)



認字筆順: 以象形聯想帶領幼兒認識文字結構,學習書寫筆順,累積字詞 
發聲聽音: 學習語文教音,培養朗讀的信心,增強表現自信 
識字誦句: 以部首串聯法,進以學習更多字詞 
看圖讀書: 教予閱讀的方法,培養閱讀的習慣 
寫字構詞: 以日常生活中的事物作素材,啟發對中文的興趣 
組詞述句: 給予有趣多變的故事情境,學習敍述故事
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